Praise for The Fear of Cameras


"There's a pulse in many of these photographs that makes me want
 to dance, and I like the way they often challenge the observer to see
 what isn't there as well as what is.  All in all, an excellent piece of work."
- John Stanmeyer
                    Photojournalist, SABA Press Photos,
                    Magazine Photographer of the Year, 1999

"In lines vivid as pictures and photographs that are visual poems, Therese Becker has created a work of images and light. Her perceptive eye and compassionate heart shine through these pages and illuminate our world."
                    - Judith Goren, Ph.D.
                    Psychologist, poet
                    author of numerous books
                    including The Tao of Awakening

"Therese Becker's photographs capture what a casual observer might miss: strength, perseverance, and a lasting beauty that challenges stereotypes.  Looking at the women in her photos is like reading a many-layered story or having an intimate conversation with an old friend.  My work as an editor has been blessed by the talent behind her lens."
                    -Sandra Martz
                    Editor of When I am An Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple

A book by: Therese Becker

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