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When we chose the name Mandala Press, we assumed that everyone would know what a mandala was, and were we ever surprised. Since the question that we’ve heard so many times has been “How are you connected to Nelson Mandela?” we figured we needed to put an explanation of what a mandala was on this site. While we greatly admire Mr. Mandela, our mandala is pronounced “mon dahlah.” Always makes us smile as it reminds us of the beautiful way people in Jamaica say man (mon) when they greet one another.

According to The Mandala Project, the word is from the classical Indian language of Sanskrit. Loosely translated it is a circle that translates into wholeness – an image that should remind us of our relationship to the infinite, the world that extends both beyond and within our bodies and minds. Mandalas are found in all cultures, in nature and in the cosmos. For more information on how fascinating and endless they are, and to download a free one for your children to color, visit www.mandalaproject.org.

FA-005As we state on the back of our cards, we chose the name Mandala Press to remind us to honor, as best as we can with our creations, “the sacred circle of life that holds us all.” For we are, after all, connected in ways we have only begun to imagine on this mandala that we call earth.

It is our hope that our cards, matted photographs and books will remind you of this, and that each time you send a greeting you will remember how deeply we are all connected.

We are always open to receiving photo submissions for consideration, especially your old-time photos; however, we cannot be responsible for the work that you send through the mail. It’s wise to insure any submission, and please always include a stamped self-addressed envelope if you want them returned; otherwise, your submission will be discarded.

The copywright "Mandala Press" that you see on the front of each card on the site is only to protect the cards that are on line. The cards that you order, of course, will not have a copywright stamped on the front as these samples do.

And be sure and check out our cards on sale and variety packs for a great savings. Many of the cards on sale are being reproduced in a larger format, 5 x 7's, that is why these smaller versions are being sold at sale prices while the supplies last.


Retailers please call (248) 391-1093 for discount/wholesale pricing on quantity purchases.

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